Theft Has Stewpot Supporters Boiling - - Jackson, MS

Theft Has Stewpot Supporters Boiling

Donations Stolen

Good evening this is Maggie Wade with some of the stories we have for you tonight at 10 on WLBT.

Stewpot Community Services helps hundreds of needy people each day, but thieves have helped themselves to at least $100,000 in donations. Joe Barnes will have the latest.

New at ten.. Jackson Police tell us 4 men have been arrested in a drive by shooting. They were also found with molotov cocktails.

Also new at ten.. Big improvements are on the way for the Fondren area of Jackson. Courtney Ann Jackson was at a Town Hall meeting for the big announcement tonight.

The rain is almost here! Meteorologist Michael Haynes says we have a good chance of getting more rain tomorrow so keep the rain gear handy! He'll have your First Alert Forecast.

And Sports Director Rob Jay tells us an injury may have sidelined USM's Jamie Collins in Saturday's Senior Bowl, but NFL scouts are still checking him out!

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