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Walt's Look Around: The hills in winter

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OKTIBBEHA COUNTY (Mississippi News Now) -

Last week we featured the Delta in winter, so as not to leave anybody out, this time let's take a look at the hills in winter.

Things seem so dead here in the middle of winter in Mississippi. Dead reeds sticking up out of cold, cold water. Shapes and shadows and reflections are about the most you can get out of a scene like this.

All of it is lifeless, waiting on spring. And then, something jumps in the water, and it dawns on you that even though the sky in gray and the trees are gray and leafless, the whole world isn't lifeless.

Matter of fact, in the hills, not even all of the trees are gray and bare. Whole forests of pines keep the world tinged with green even in the dead of winter.

And let there be a warm up one afternoon and not only can you see the pines, you can smell them; the sweet aroma of them on the breeze, livening up all of your senses.

And if you sit still long enough, you can see that here in the dead of winter, everything is quite alive out in front of you.

Just before sunset, the birds are making their way home just like the people are at the same time; heading home to roost for the night.

And as I was looking for scenic spots to stop and get winter shots up in the hills near the prairie lands of North East Mississippi, all the while I was losing the idea that there IS such a thing as "The Dead of Winter" because of all of the life out there before me.

I remembered that the hyacinth back home in my own yard is just about to bloom.

And a friend in Vicksburg emailed that the Japanese Magnolias there are budding out. And another friend in Brandon told me she already has daffodils blooming in her yard. And we are just now only a month out from Christmas and the world is already waking up from a short winter's nap.

Give the world a minute or two to stretch and scratch and the dogwood will be blooming. Well, in a few more weeks, anyway.

So if you are one of those people who cringe at the thought of the dead, lifeless days of winter, just go outside for a few minutes here in the hills, especially near a body of water of any size and you will realize like I did, you have to edit your shots very closely to really find ANYTHING that is totally lifeless right now, and "The Dead of Winter" is more a frame of mind than anything. 

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