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Old Brandon Road sliding into Crystal Lake

FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Too much moisture in the soil has caused an expensive cave-in on Old Brandon Road in Flowood.   The shoulder just slid down into the adjacent Crystal Lake, which was once the Pearl River, before the levees were built.

The cave in point is just east of where I-55 crosses over the Old Brandon Road. It will cost about $250,000 in unbudgeted funds to fix it.  

So far, both lanes of Old Brandon Road are still open but the westbound lane has narrowed.  

"What we have got to do Bert is we have got to stabilize this shoulder," said Flowood Public Works Director Gary Miller. "So we are going to bring in about 14,000 yards of dirt, build this shoulder back up. Once we get the shoulder all stabilized with fill material, we will come back and we will put rip rap along the toe of that fill. We will bring it up about ten feet above the water's edge."

This was once U. S. Highway 80, but it was moved further south.

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