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911 calls from hit-and-run describe drivers under attack


Last Wednesday, police said a drunk man, Michael Owen Snider, 70, of Stone Mountain, hit 15 cars along Highway 78 leaving one woman dead.

911 calls received by DeKalb and Gwinnett County operators paint a grisly portrait of a driver whose sole intention was to ram other cars off the road.

"He is hitting people, he is sliding people off the road, he has probably hit about seven or eight people now," one caller said. 

Caller after caller reported getting hit by Snider or watching him push vehicles off the road and into ditches.

"It is a truck driving out of control that has been hitting cars all the way going up to 78," another caller said. "He is driving uncontrollably he has hit several cars already."

One of the last cars to be hit was a Toyota Camry with a mother and daughter inside.  Yeshihareg Abebe, 51, was driving her mother, Mintiwab Woldeyhans, 69.  Woldeyhans would die on the scene after the car was mangled underneath a tractor-trailer.

Callers described the carnage to 911 operators as they tried desperately to save Abebe.

"I have at least one dead on the scene right here and one unconscious but she is breathing," the caller said.

As the phone lines lit up for DeKalb and Gwinnett County 911 operators, one person who called identified himself as Snider's son, Michael. According to the tapes he was calling to get information about his dad.

"My name is Michael Snider, I was trying to find out any information about my father, Michael Snider, who I believe you have got in your custody, regarding some hit and run incidences," the younger Michael Snider said.  Then he asked the 911 operator if she knew of any fatalities involving the crashes. 

"I just saw some things on the news about somebody getting killed, do you know anything?" the younger Michael Snider asked.

At the time, the operator said she couldn't release that information, and the younger Michael Snider hung up.

The elder Michael Snider was charged with vehicular homicide, serious injury by a vehicle, DUI, reckless driving, and following too closely.  Additional charges are pending.

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