Skipped the paperwork - - Jackson, MS

Skipped the paperwork

Man breaks into Volvo dealership, steals SUV

Hope your "hump day" Wednesday afternoon is going smoothly as temperatures drop in the metro. I'm Howard Ballou with a look at some of the news stories you will see on WLBT.

Jackson police say a man took off with an SUV after breaking into Jackson car dealership, Paul Moak Volvo off Interstate 55.

If you've taken Beasley Road in Jackson lately, you may have noticed the county's largest Valentine in the form of a roadside billboard, thanks to Hinds County Sheriff Tyrone Lewis.

And, in Alabama, authorities close to the investigation have identified the alleged gunman in yesterday's Midland City school bus shooting and abduction as Jimmy Lee Dykes. The child is still being held.

In sports, the WLBT team is in New Orleans covering the hype leading up to the Super Bowl.

Overcast skies and 52 degrees in the metro after a stormy night in the metro. Be sure to watch your full First Alert Forecast.

Of course, you will see any breaking news first on WLBT and you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and



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