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Point of View: Concealed gun permits

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

After the school massacre in Connecticut in December, a suburban New York paper decided to publish the names and address of handgun permit holders. In New York you have to have a permit for a handgun.

After that information was published there was an outrage from gun owners. Particularly after a few of them were burglarized and their guns stolen.

Now our state legislature has taken up a bill to keep concealed gun permits in Mississippi exempt from open records requests. The house has overwhelmingly passed it. But the head of the newspaper association here  thinks concealed gun permits should be open for inspection.  

I disagree. Concealed gun permit owners in our state are among the most law abiding citizens there are. With the gun debate going on in Washington, applications for permits in Mississippi hit an all time high, over 12,000 last year and over 1,700 applications in December alone.

This picture was taken Tuesday 30 minutes before opening of people waiting to file such applications.

Many folks are worried. And they don't need some paper to let the bad guys know where decent citizens with guns live.

That's my Point of View.

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