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Woman turned away from JPD

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Jackson mother says her 8-year-old son was hit by his teacher at Isable Elementary School in Jackson Jan. 16.

There were no visible marks on the child, but Adrianne Byrd field a complaint through the school.

"Thirteen days later I hear from JPS Campus Enforcement that they would need to take his statement on what happened. When they got his statement, they told me that report would be sent to the superintendent's office, and the superintendent's office would decide whether or not his teacher violated their code," Byrd said. "I am not satisfied with that, because I wanted to pursue it in a more legal matter. I want to pursue criminal charges against her."

Byrd went to Jackson Police Headquarters to file a simple assault complaint and says she was turned away.

"They told me that I could not file charges because they would not investigate my claim," Byrd said.

Our news crew followed Byrd back to JPD Headquarters to see what she would be told. First, in the lobby, she talked to an officer on the phone. Then, an officer was sent to talk to her. He told her the same thing she was told on her last visit -- that Jackson Public School Campus Enforcement was now handling these matters internally. She was directed to JPS.

"How is it that a business in this city can handle their own criminal activities and things going on, in their business and not be biased?" Byrd said.

A JPS Spokesman says, much like Jackson State University has its own police, Jackson Public Schools has its own campus enforcement. No policy change ever went before the school board that investigations have to be handled internally. However, JPD Assistant Chief Lee Vance says he was informed that JPS Campus Enforcement will handle all matters.

Chief Vance offered to contact Byrd regarding her issue. 

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