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Clinton High School student arrested on campus

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James Aubrey Hankins, 18 (Source: CPD) James Aubrey Hankins, 18 (Source: CPD)
CLINTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Clinton High School student was arrested Thursday morning on drug charges on the school campus.

According to Clinton Police Detective Warren Sullivan, 18-year-old James Aubrey Hankins was arrested Thursday in the parking lot of Clinton High School. Hankins was charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a schedule II substance.

Police discovered less than 30 grams of marijuana in Hankins' possession, so the charge is a misdemeanor. Sullivan says he cannot confirm exactly what the schedule II substance was, but did say an example of such a substance would be the pill form of a pain killer.

Clinton Public School District Public Information Officer Sandi Beason released the following statement regarding the on-campus arrest:

It was brought to the attention of Clinton High School administrators that there might be illegal substances on campus. Clinton police were called and after a search and investigation, police took a student into custody. In addition to any charges brought by police, this student will face appropriate disciplinary action as outlined by school district policy.

Hankins has been released from police custody on $25,000 bond.

A local rap video includes teens drinking and doing drugs. Both combine to create growing concerns for a parent that recently saw the video.

"The first time I saw it I actually thought there are a lot of kids in here that I know," said the concerned parent.

The video shows teens that appear to be high school age. And the song makes references to multiple drugs and streets in the metro area.

"My reaction was OK this is right down the street from me this is too close to home, there are kids in my child's school that are in here drinking. Several kids drinking and doing drugs," said the parent.

The drug culture at Clinton High School is one the parent says flies under the radar to many.

"A lot of people turn a blind eye to it and I'm afraid that if we just ignore it, it's going to get worse," explained the concerned parents.

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