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Some Rankin Co. inmates are victims of identity theft

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Some inmates housed behind barbed wire at the Rankin County Correctional Facility are victims of identity theft.

According to the U.S Attorney's office, back in 2009 correctional facility employee Ladonna Cooper, who isn't pictured here, conspired with five other people to steal inmates personal identification information from the prison's computer system.

From there, the six people took the inmates information and filed false and fraudulent federal income tax returns. The IRS then sent tax refunds in the form of electronic bank deposits to accounts at four different banks controlled by the six people.

Court papers show nearly 40 thousand dollars was deposited.

If you will remember back in 2007, this same crime happened. You are looking at video from that year when Janis Singleton who also worked for the Rankin County Correctional Facility was questioned by WLBT.

Certified Public Accountant Joseph Hines in Jackson says this is a crime than can affect victims long term.

Joseph Hines said, "caution everyone to be very careful who you give personal information to because once that happens, the FBI will get on it but its very difficult for them to run that information down and prevent any future problems."

In this case prison inmates don't have a choice, but those of you at home should be cautious when it comes to offering your personal information.

The six defendants face an April 8th court date.

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