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Vacancy rate high in Downtown Jackson

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Jackson businessman Leland Speed says there's no shortage of office space in the capital city.  According to Speed, there are nine major buildings currently vacant in the downtown area.     

Speed said large buildings, like the Landmark Building on Capitol Street, at the corner of Lamar are vacant.  

Some of the other major facilities downtown, he mentioned, that are now unoccupied, or substantially so, include:

  • The old Deposit Guaranty National Bank Building, also at Lamar and Capitol
  • The old Lamar Life Building, across the street from the Governor's Manson
  • The Walthall Hotel
  • The old federal courthouse at Capitol and West Streets
  • The old Church Savings and Loan building

"The economy of the metropolitan area could not be stronger," said Speed. "Health care is now our number one industry. But the downtown core city is hurting. We have seen an exodus of companies and even government operations, from our core city and today we may have the highest office vacancy rate in the United States, in the core city Detroit might be higher. "

Speed calls on everyone to turn the situation downtown, around.

He also says that buildings, like the old Standard Life Insurance Company Building, that have been turned into apartments, have waiting lists.

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