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Sound Off: Pop Quizzes

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

When I was in school I always dreaded "pop quizzes."  These unannounced tests were designed to keep students alert and improve performance. 

WLBT conducted a security "pop quiz" on nine metro area schools in Hinds, Rankin and Madison counties.  We simply tried to enter school buildings, the results were mixed we found some schools easy to enter and some schools entrances very secure. 

We didn't identify any of the schools on air and we let all the schools we visited know the results of our attempts gain access. 

This WLBT news story spread throughout the metro school districts causing quite a bit of anxiety.  The end result is the same as any "pop quiz;" learn where schools need to improve and take action. 

Unfortunately these days school security is more important than ever.

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