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Point of View: Some of the Worst Schools in the Nation

Several days ago we reported that a new national study said that Mississippi has the fourth worst schools in the nation. That spurred dozens of comments on Facebook.

"It may not be the best but it is not the worst. We as parents need to get in gear and help teach our children, not plop them in front of TV and ignore the fact that they need to study, practice something, or show we care about their education. It is not always the teacher or the system but mostly all three."

"You must have qualified teachers that are willing to teach kids in a way that they understand. When my son was in school his English teacher sent home a note. After I had read that note about ten times, I graded it. She got an F. She couldn't spell, punctuate or have any kind of understandable format."

"The teachers can only teach from the material they have. The state has to decide for teachers to teach on a higher level before our children can compete with other states."

"My sister was a teacher. Now she's the school's secretary because she makes more money. How can you expect to get good teachers when the state of Mississippi pays so little?"

This comes at a time when our legislature is taking a hard look at our educational system. Let's hope they finally come up with a plan to really make a difference.

That's my Point of View.


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