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Walt's Look Around: Early Spring?

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CLAIBORNE COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A rarity this winter, actual sunshine! Oh, we've had a few days of it all along. But this time I had my camera with me, and time to stop for a few minutes and catch some shots while the sun was out.

And even though the fields are still quite winter-dead, you can't help but catch the feel of spring in the air, even here at this end of February.

In many respects, what is going on outside is pretty much what you'd expect this time of winter. The beach trees are still holding on to their last year's leaves. Them, and a variety of oak, don't let go of their dead leaves until right before they're ready to put on new growth.

And even the acres and acres of purple vetch that are blooming right now are pretty typical. Even though it is a flower, it is a winter bloomer, as is the hyacinth.

Now I'm thinking the daffodils may be a week or so early. But as I recall they bloomed even earlier than this last year, didn't they? So who knows?

Looking up into the trees there is a haze of new growth on some of the limbs; tiny leaves and blossoms. Now, doesn't this sort of stuff usually pop out about the first week of March? Not February?

So far, I have seen a lot of stuff that may or may not be early this year. But nothing I can put my finger on for certain.

But then, I drove past Johnny Baker's house in Port Gibson. And his azaleas are already blooming. As I was getting some shots of them, Johnny came out and we chatted about how early the azaleas in his yard are this year.

"Earlier now than I ever remember them blooming at all,"said Baker.

And considering Johnny and his wife planted these plants back in the 60s, he should have a pretty good track record on them.

So the next question is, WHY are things popping out early this year? Somebody told me they thought it's all of the rain we've had.

Johnny says his neighbors take the blame closer to home.

"Lay it to this nuclear plant. But I don't," said Baker. "And people have trouble with their gardens such as that said, ‘you know, we never had that ‘till they built that nuclear plant down there."

Say, maybe that's why MY garden was more full of weeds than tomatoes last year! All along I thought it was something I did wrong!

But fields of vetch, even still trying to shrug off a winter fog, has a aura of change to it right now. I just hope it doesn't change back to winter for a snowstorm or something before the real spring gets here in a few weeks.

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