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Mississippi State dorm has bat problem

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Bat flying in hallway Bat flying in hallway
Bat on hall carpet Bat on hall carpet

Bats have invaded a dorm on the MSU campus. The bats have been seen flying through Hathorn Hall low enough that students say they have to duck their heads to keep from getting hit.

Hathorn Hall is one of the oldest dorms on campus with more than 130 students. but now the students say they share the dorm with some unwelcome guests.

First year student Savee Dalgo says the new neighbors were enough for her and her roommate to move to a different dorm.

"I was kinda nervous at first but then I kinda got over it," said Dalgo."But my roommate didn't like it at all so we left."

Taylor Tillman says she doesn't like the bats but she's not afraid enough to move.

"I mean when you see one you are going to scream but its whatever," said Tillman.

In a letter sent out Thursday, officials advised students and parents about the steps the university has taken to address the situation as required by law.

"Some bats are covered by the Environmental Protection Act," said university spokesman Sid Salter. "There are very specific protocols that must be observed in dealing with it."

Officials say they have installed devices that allow bats to exit the building and not re-enter, and workers have filled holes and crevices with expandable foam to keep the bats from getting inside.

Students have the option to move to another dorm until the situation is solved.

"We don't want students to be uncomfortable and we don't want parents to be nervous about it," added Salter. "So we have implemented policies that will allow the students to get immediate relief on request. We unfortunately don't have a snap solution for the problem it's going to take some time."

Students have been instructed not to try to catch the bats but tell their residence director if a bat is spotted.

School officials say there have been no reports of injuries because of the bats.

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