Residents complain of flash flooding, blame clogged drains - - Jackson, MS

Residents complain of flash flooding, blame clogged drains

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Thunderstorms brought more problems to Jackson's already aging and overworked drainage system Sunday.

In west Jackson, Phillip Mason told WLBT that the back yard of his Marshall Place house floods with each rain, sending water into his home.

He said for years the drainage ditch behind his home has been clogged with debris.

His neighbor James Owens, who did not want to talk on camera, also complains of constant flooding.

Despite towels and cloth packed at his back door water seeps into his family room.

He blamed it on a drainage problem that he said stems from a church and kindergarten built on nearby Boling Street.

Both men said it is a more than decades long problem.

"We have three rooms back here that's constantly flooded out right now with water. My whole carpet indoors everything is wet, and it's just shameful that it's been like this for years," said Mason.

According to Mason, a city crew came to the scene but offered no solution to the flood problem.

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