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Flooded neighborhood to get drainage work

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Using a shovel in the carport and a mop in the living room, it will be days before Carla Johnson is able to clean up all the mud and water in her home.

"This is the stuff we have to go through. You can see right here, it was a foot deep," explained Johnson.

Room by room she and her family have been cleaning, even preparing to take out sheetrock, before mold starts growing.

"You can look on the floor, all the carpet we had to pull up all last night," Johnson said Monday afternoon.

All of the carpet in the Hidden Valley Lane home is soaked. The Jackson homeowner says flooding has been an issue for 10 years.  

Sunday's flash flooding made Johnson's neighborhood look more like a river.

Water more than a foot deep flowed into nearby Big Creek, which flows about 50 yards behind Johnson's house. 

"There's drainage, but it's not properly done. So, this whole street becomes like a big swimming pool or like a big tub. It's really frustrating," Johnson said.

The city says three crews were sent out Sunday to address flash flooding issues.

State Rep. Deborah Butler Dixon says she to is tired of waiting on something to be done. She believes Jackson and Hinds County leaders have forgotten about the people who live in her district.

The Raymond Democrat explained her position on Sunday afternoon, "I think we should call it like a disaster for these people to get some type of assistance over here, cause why they got to keep utilizing they insurance with something going on for the city of Jackson?"

A Jackson spokesman says the city has received grant funding from the Mississippi Development Authority to make drainage improvements along Big Creek. There is an environmental review underway and easements will be needed from homeowners to do work on the creek. Once the Corps of Engineers has approved the project, work can begin along Big Creek. The city estimates the drainage stabilization project will begin this summer at a cost of $500,000. 

That's welcome news for Johnson, who does have flood insurance, but it doesn't mean she'll rest easy.

"Fix the creek so people have peace of mind. I didn't sleep last night because I was scared that it was gonna flood again," Johnson said.

To report flooding issues in the city of Jackson call 601-960-1875.

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