MDOT crews on "pothole patrol" - - Jackson, MS

MDOT crews on "pothole patrol"

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Three Department of Transportation crews were out fixing potholes on the interstate system around Jackson Wednesday. The crews are trying to avoid large potholes like the one on the exit ramp from I-55 at Pearl Street.  

Mississippi Department of Transportation crews started at Terry Road, on I-20 between Jackson and Clinton.  

Another crew worked their way up I-220 to I-55 in Madison County. It was on I-220 that a pothole caused eight to ten flats Wednesday morning.  

"(This will go on) as long as it takes to get these pot holes under control," said MDOT Hinds County Operations Manager Donald Wash. "We have more rain that is due in. We were trying to get a little more of a fix on them today while it's dry."

Wash says there are several different things that cause the potholes.

"A lot of rain and all the vehicles we have traveling the highways. said Wash. "What a lot of people don't know is when we have accidents, especially on asphalt, and you have fuels leaking, like diesel and anti freeze, it deteriorates the asphalt."

MDOT crews were patching all the potholes they could find along Interstate 20, between Terry Road and Clinton.  

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