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MS cruise passenger calls experience a 'nightmare'

Brooklyn Burgess, of Carthage, is among the thousands of people who've been stranded on the Carnival Triumph this week. (Source: Facebook) Brooklyn Burgess, of Carthage, is among the thousands of people who've been stranded on the Carnival Triumph this week. (Source: Facebook)
JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Brooklyn Burgess and her mother, both of Carthage, were among the thousands of people stranded on the Carnival Triumph this week. The two went on the cruise as a girl's trip with other family members. Brooklyn talked with WLBT and Fox 40 from the ship Thursday evening.

"It's more of the uncertainty that was so scary, not knowing if anyone was gonna find us. You know, for the first two days there was no one in sight," Brooklyn said.

She also confirmed many of the reports, coming from other passengers, of the conditions on the ship.

"It was hot when we were closer to Mexico. Now, it's actually really cold. So everybody is trying to get as warm as possible. They have their robes on. The food, for the first few days it was really horrible. Nobody knew if it was ruined or if it would be ok to eat. Everyone was scared," Brooklyn said. "The bathroom situation, which is probably the worst thing that has happened, there's nowhere to go, you know, so we have these little red bags."

Brooklyn's father Joe Burgess waited to pick Brooklyn and her mother up in Mobile. Joe Burgess said Carnival has made arrangements for the family members to stay in a hotel once they arrive in Mobile. The ship docked just before 9:30 P.M. Thursday.

While the passengers and their family members anxiously awaited the ship's arrival in Mobile, a Jackson lawyer is preparing for possible legal action against Carnival Cruise Lines.

John Arthur Eaves Jr., says passengers have the right to file a claim. More than anything, Eaves said he hopes more laws can be passed to protect those who get stuck on a vacation disaster. Eaves said Carnival is no stranger to problems with its ships, but the company is still seeing the highest profits in the industry.

"This company itself has had five ships adrift since 2010. Five of them were from fires and then they've also had three other incidents that were life threatening," Eaves said. "It seems like Carnival has had the most problems lately and they have had the highest profits."

Eaves has been in litigation with Carnival from the Costa Concordia disaster in Italy.

He says a subsidiary of Carnival owns the Costa Concordia. Eaves says the cruise ship Triumph was seized last year to ensure Carnival would testify in court.

Eaves says there must be changes to maritime law, with similar regulation to the airline industry, with more training. He believes there is a need for an ocean traffic controller and fewer top heavy ships.

Eaves says a conference will be held later this year with other attorneys, management professionals, and scientist to develop a list of recommendations for maritime laws to give Congress, the United Nations, and the European Union.

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