Severe weather likely in East Texas on Thursday morning - - Jackson, MS

Severe weather likely in East Texas on Thursday morning


All of East Texas, except the farthest northern counties along and north of Interstate 30, is under a slight risk for severe weather for Thursday, especially during the morning and early afternoon hours.

A Powerful Upper Level Low will continue to move eastward from the southern sections of Arizona and southwestern New Mexico, into the southern plains of the U.S. as a very strong 100 MPH plus jet stream moves east-northeastward into northern Texas as the sun rises tomorrow.

The greatest risks for the northern half of East Texas will be damaging thunderstorm winds of 60 MPH or higher, along with some large hail and a very small chance for an isolated tornado. For those in the southern sections of East Texas, south of Interstate 20, the risks increase for isolated tornadoes, along with the hail and wind threat.

A cold front will begin moving into the western sections of East Texas shortly after sunrise and a warm frontal boundary will be lifting northward through the area as well. Areas south of the warm front, those over Deep East Texas, have the greatest threat for the most severe weather conditions. IF this warm front moves farther north, nearing the I-20 corridor, the risks of tornados will follow that warmer air. This is something we will have to watch very, very carefully tomorrow.

The threat for severe weather will end abruptly as soon as the cold front moves through your area. By sunset tomorrow, most of us should be looking at clearing skies and breezy conditions.

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