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Home surveillance more accessible, popular

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Cameras can catch thieves red-handed, and an increase in home surveillance has helped give solid evidence in some Capital City crimes.

"We've seen a lot more than when I first started about 15 years ago. We were doing strictly commercial. Now half of our business is homes," said James Murphey, owner of Web Werks.

Murphey owns a surveillance company. He says the price of the technology has made it more accessible.

"We can install a four-camera system in about five hours in a normal house. We can put in a four-camera system for a thousand dollars. A four-camera hi-def system for 2,000," explained Murphey.

Earlier this month, a home security camera caught a man on a scooter taking a bag full of stolen goods to the curb. Shortly after, a truck drove by to pick it up. That kind of proof is why many residents now want more than just an alarm system.

"The inability to have any evidence when the police come they do their report, they want to catch the guys but without the evidence they need to go on. They're kinda stuck in a loop themselves. They can file a report and go on down the road. When you have video involved it gives them something to go on," described Murphey.

For clients who aren't sure they want to commit to the investment, another piece of technology often seals the deal.

"When they're out on vacation or down the road at a restaurant or at a friend's house, they can pull out their smart phone, hit one button and they're looking at their cameras," Murphey said.

Last year, a Belhaven homeowner posted surveillance footage to YouTube. The video went viral and helped lead to an arrest.

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