Rob Jay - - Jackson, MS

Rob Jay

Rob Jay was born in Jackson on August 10. His passions include drawing, playing baseball and attending boxing matches.

Rob currently works in both radio and television. He is the morning show host on WYJS 105.9 F.M., an all new blues radio station in central Mississippi.

Rob keeps a very busy schedule, as he does freelance reporting for Major Black College Sports on the MBC network, sideline reporting for Jackson State Football radio broadcast and fill in play by play announcer for Jackson State basketball.

 Rob appeared in the movie A Time to Kill where his role was reporter. His lone line in the film was, "If you get a conviction, would you ask for the gas chamber?"

Rob came to WLBT in 1991 as a reporter/photographer and had worked his way up to sports director by 1996.  His favorite sport is boxing as he reported on the Mike Tyson/Lennox Lewis match in Memphis.  Of course his favorite teams are Kansas City Chiefs, New York Knicks and Houston Astros. (All poo putts!)


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