Skycopter 3 - - Jackson, MS

Skycopter 3

Skycopter 3 is an important member of WLBT's News Team, adding a new dimension to metro area news coverage.

The $529,000 helicopter is piloted by Coyt Bailey, who owns Mercury Aviation. It's a joint venture of Mercury, Arrow 94, WVIV Radio and WLBT Television.

Skycopter 3 is a Robinson R44 ENG helicopter which flies at speeds over 130 MPH. It is equipped with a nose mounted camera and two other cameras, one for a reporter and another on the tail to give the view of the helicopter in flight. The zoom on the nose camera is 20 to 1 with a 2X extender which can frame the rear of a car from 1000 feet. It is a state of the art machine. Pilot Coyt Bailey says this helicopter can do anything.

"Well, it can do anything that most state of the art helicopters in the country can do. It's capable of doing live shots that can take the viewer right up next to the action. I think people most often remember the O.J. chase out on the L.A. freeways and the kind of shots they were provided with. This helicopter can do the same thing. It can take them right out there where the action is."

Skycopter 3 is used daily for morning traffic reports and afternoon reports. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for covering news stories. It has revolutionized the way we cover news in this market.

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