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Fad diets compared to traditional weight loss

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

After looking into this concept of fad diet versus traditional weight loss, there is no fitness expert or dietitian to be found who will endorse a fad diet. But fad diets are on a lot of people's radar.

RJ Barrett is a fitness trainer for Mississippi Sports Medicine. "A lot of people are watching these TV shows and infomercials and special equipment where they get this guy who looks unbelievable or this girl that looks ripped up and they think I can go buy that piece of equipment and do that, or I can get on this diet and I'm good to do. It doesn't work like that." 

Brandi McGuire is in RJ's boot camp at the YMCA in Flowood. She's training for the Southern Classic bodybuilding and fitness competition. "Why can't we eat pizza to be healthy?" she asks.

That's exactly what Jo Brown is doing because she's following the 8 Hour Diet, and the menu of her choice. "The 8 Hour Diet really wasn't all that difficult. It was more just changing the times. I chose to eat from 11 AM to 7 PM. That was my cut off time," she said. 

Totally different from Brandi's diet. "I'm eating five to six meals a day. Low portions. Protein. Stuff like that."

According to Amy Dent, the clinical nutrition manager at Baptist Medical Center, endorses Brandi's eating plan.

"Your body is designed for you to eat three to six times a day so they'll burn and use that food that you take in for energy to keep you going so you can do your daily routines. By skipping a meal your actually throwing your metabolism off and your burning less calories," she said.

Dent says people can't stick with a fad diet for very long. "They're usually just quick starts to help boost metabolism so you'll lose water so therefore you feel like you're losing weight."

Both Jo and Brandi workout daily and both have lost weight on their respective weight loss plans. "It was about a little over two pounds the first week, so more in the first week and a little bit over a pound the second week," Jo said.

"I'm losing weight. I've lost a pound a week," said Brandi, who wants to lose a total of 13 pounds.

So now comes the question, will both women stay on their chosen fitness and weight loss plans? It's a definite yes from Brandi. "I've tried other stuff and it never works. If there was a magic pill, I think everybody would be skinny. When it came down to it all, it was eating the right stuff and doing cardio and working out. That's all it boils down to."

Jo is gleaning from her diet what she can. Joann. "It's not something I would continue to do because I do have to eat earlier. Not eating so late at night is something I've continued."

RJ recommends just making fitness and good nutrition a part of your lifestyle. He says in the long run, people should look at the bigger picture. "It goes a little bit further than weight loss. It goes into quality of life and being able to live a fuller life," he said. 

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