House Speaker invites gun makers to MS - - Jackson, MS

House Speaker invites gun makers to MS

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

With the issue of gun control a controversial topic across the country, House Speaker Philip Gunn is wanting to capitalize on it by telling gun manufacturers Mississippi is open for business.

"It seems to me like a natural match," said Gunn. "We're always looking to attract business to Mississippi."

To help attract that business, Gunn sent a letter to 14 gun manufacturers from Colorado to New York, welcoming them to take a serious look at Mississippi in moving their operations. It's a move he says is worth a shot.

"It would allow us to create jobs in Mississippi and bring an industry to the state that means a lot to the citizens of this state," said Gunn.

Because of the debate on whether the industry needs more governmental regulations, Gunn says many manufacturers across the nation are facing criticism and attacks within the states they currently operate in. With Mississippi's pro-gun environment, Gunn says manufacturers would be welcomed with open arms by many political leaders and residents.

"This type of industry is something that meshes well with the people of the state. We love to hunt. We love to shoot. People enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing they have the right to defend themselves," said Gunn.

At this point there are no serious talks about potential relocations, but Gunn says the state at least needs to have a proposition extended and be ready should any manufacturer take aim at the offer.

"This is just an open invitation to them to come. We're open for business here. We'd love to have you come here," said Gunn.

Outside of the letter he sent, Gunn says he hasn't had any other contact with the manufacturers. He hopes his invite can begin a conversation.

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