Skeletal remains discovered behind abandoned house - - Jackson, MS

Skeletal remains discovered behind abandoned house

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A person picking up cans discovered human skeletal remains behind an abandoned house at 240 Clairmont St. in west Jackson.

Hinds County Coroner Sharon Gisham-Stewart estimates the skeletal remains had been there at least six months. There was evidence that a person had been living under a house next door, Gisham-Stewart said.

An initial investigation revealed no foul play, but the remains have been sent to the state medical examiner's office to help identify the person.

"We'll be looking at each individual bone for signs of trauma or injury, ruling out what trauma we do see as being animal activity or trauma caused by other means," Grisham-Stewart said.

Several abandoned houses surround the scene. One resident said the gruesome discovery behind the house is just a reminder of the violence that plagues the neighborhood.

Donte McClendon said it's not uncommon to hear gunshots near Clairmont Street or on nearby Capitol Street. He says children are afraid to play outside in the area.

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