Gun Showdown, Animal Abuse, Christmas Light Fight - - Jackson, MS

Gun Showdown, Animal Abuse, Christmas Light Fight

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Good evening, this is Romona Robinson in the 19 Action newsroom.

It's a busy night, and our team is working on a number of stories for tonight at 11!
The Gun Debate!
We're going where cameras aren't allowed for an undercover investigation on Cleveland's gun showdown!

An animal abuse and neglect horror story!
A hundred cats and dogs found in a home, but conditions were so bad some couldn't be saved. We'll show what happened.

A fight over Christmas lights … in February!
I'll admit, my lights are up still up, but off in the backyard.
But a local woman is being threatened over leaving her Christmas lights up and turned on!

Plus, a medical breakthrough!
We'll show you what doctors say could be a "game changer" in curing late stage cancer.

I hope you'll  join Denise and me on this Friday night at 11.

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