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Photographer has clients seeing red

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A simple question by a viewer of people's experiences with Daisies and Denim Custom Photography led to a flood a comments on our Facebook page.

"Once it past the first couple then yeah, it start to sound scamish," said Nicole Dunne.

Jessica Barber took family portraits for Nicole Dunne. Dunne describes it as a positive experience until the excuses for the pictures being late started up.

"When she realized that it was too much, whether it be because her children were ill or she was just busy, you stop," Dunne said.

Melody Ellis invested more when she hired Barber to shoot her wedding. Several months passed and Ellis still had not seen all of her wedding pictures.

"If I had to do it all over again I would save my pennies and research a good photographer but I can't. I'm not going to get married again like that. I can't get those memories back now," explained Melody Ellis.

Eventually, Ellis took Jessica Barber to court where she brought the pictures on a disc.

"She should not be in business at all I don't care if her business is selling goldfish," said Ellis.

When we talked to Jessica Barber, she explained she didn't intentionally start the business.

"I did it because I do have a sick son and it seemed like the thing that I'd be able to do to both support my family and take care of my child. I got in over my head, I didn't realize I would book so fast. I thought it took longer to start a business," explained Barber.

Barber says she's since changed her policies and tried to make her business more efficient.

"I apologize to anybody who feels wronged or feels like they've been duped in any way but I don't know but yes I fix problems as they come along," Barber said.

Now, we checked with the Better Business Bureau and Daisies and Denim Custom Photography has a B rating with just one complaint for delivery back in 2011.

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