Day of Liberty rally held in Brookhaven - - Jackson, MS

Day of Liberty rally held in Brookhaven

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BROOKHAVEN, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Like old stump speeches, politicians, pastors, and every day citizens voiced their concerns about a new era of possible gun control restrictions in the U.S.

"They've asked God to get out of every public place we've got and he obliged. Gun violence is not the problem it's the people that use the gun. If I get violent with a baseball bat I can assure you it can do just as much damage as a bullet can," said Pastor Paul Jabour.

State Senator Chris McDaniel believes if any measures are pushed through, that it is a state's rights issue and not the place of the federal government.

"The Second Amendment is not subject to Democratic change or control. It's a fundamental liberty, no more than my freedom of speech or my freedom of religion is subject to Democratic control," McDaniel said.

State Senator Sally Doty believes measures passed in the legislature protect the Second Amendment.

Doty said, "I think it's a difficult time. I think it's a confusing time, as to perhaps what law governs, and it's our job I think as legislators to help work through that and clarify it."

President Barack Obama signed 23 executive actions in January. Many related to the sharing of information, especially with mental illness, but did not address specific gun control measures.

However, McDaniel says it's fear that sparks rallies like this one at the Lincoln Civic Center in Brookhaven.

"I think people sense that if the President could have his way then he would attempt to push the executive authority a bit far," McDaniel added.

Some believe there is also a shift in society when it comes to guns.

"We have a culture right now that doesn't seem to be very respectful of one another at times, differing ideas at times, and we have a culture that basically pleases violence," McDaniel said.

Some gun control advocates argue that weapons are too easy to obtain, despite the laws already on the books.

Sheriff Steve Rushing of Lincoln County said, "About 90% of your gun owners you'll never hear from them. They are not involved in a crime or with any problems. Of course we have laws in place that address criminal issues with guns and that's what we try to enforce every day."

This group hopes their voices will be heard in Washington to spark a new direction to stop gun violence and keep any means to what they see as protecting themselves.

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