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Making a Difference: Attala County FFA

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This week is FFA week. That used to stand for Future Farmers of America, but the official name has been shortened to just the letters, thereby broadening the membership to many young people with a wide variety of interests.

This is a busy week for the students in the Attala County chapter of the FFA, as it is with FFA chapters all over the state.

Friday of this week is competition day and the students are getting ready to compete.

The Attala County group has been busy recently and they have a whole table of clippings of where they've made the news with their projects.  


"We cleaned up both of the local parks; The baseball park, which is Hugh Ellard Park and Jason Niles Park which is our kids fun park," said FFA member Darrion Henderson. "We've cleaned up a lot of areas around there."

And just cleaning up parks isn't all.

"Our kids have been out in every school, or will be this week," said FFA advisor Kenneth Georgia. "Every school in the county, talking about nutrition, food safety. They're going to talk about exercise and even bullying. They're going to cover all of these issues. And I think it's going to sink in coming from a group of their piers."

Katelyn Neyman is the president of the Attala County FFA this year. She wants to train and sell horses as her career. She has discovered that not only does FFA give her and her fellow students the chance to make a difference in their schools and communities, but FFA can make a difference for her.  

"It opens up a lot of scholarship opportunities," said Neyman. "So when I'm applying for a college in the future and they look at what I've done in my school years, they're going to be like, ‘Oh. She was in FFA. That's a good quality.' That shows leadership qualities."

FFA is wide open for students who want to take on the challenge of preparing themselves for their own future.  

(1:30) >>tony holder/dir. Attala co.Career tech center:

"FFA is probably one of the biggest organizations there is for students," said Attala County Career Tech Center Director Tony Holder."

And while they are doing great things for themselves, through their service and their own initiative projects, they are making a difference in the life of their communities.

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