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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: Abandoned houses

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

There are three abandoned houses in the 17-hundred block of Wood Glen Drive. Two of them have become dumping grounds and even a haven for homeless people and criminals in the area.

I checked it out and what I found is an abandoned house on the corner of Wood Glen Drive and McDowell Road.

It prompted a Jackson city employee to contact 3 On Your Side. The city worker asked not to be identified but told me calls had been made to Community Improvement, the Mayor's Action Line and even a city councilman who lives nearby.

Residents say burglars have stashed their ill-gotten gains here and thieves have stolen all of the copper wire and appliances from the house and now it's becoming a dumpsite. What makes it worse is that neighborhood children gather on this corner to catch the school bus.

"Actually, I live next door to two abandoned houses. My house is in the middle," said Rocharlenia Anderson.

Anderson said being sandwiched between two blighted properties presents a lot of problems, crime being number one.

"Neighbor's houses got broke into several times. We have caught them coming out the house with merchandise," said Anderson. "The house on the other side, we all the time calling the police because people in and out of that house stealing the copper and living there, so it's a hazard for us."

Anderson said both houses have been abandoned for about 2 years.

I spotted a notice by Jackson's code enforcement division, posted on two of the houses. The owner of 1747 Wood Glen Drive is listed as Frank G. Wright.

Dewayne West is listed as the owner of 1796 Wood Glen Drive.

"Well, you know, it's just, it makes you feel like someone's not doing their job," added Anderson. "We're paying our taxes, but we can't get no one out here to enforce these property owners and their duties and what they need to be doing in order for the neighbors to feel secure with their houses being abandoned."

Code enforcement officers say the property is a menace to public health, safety and welfare of the community and the city has put owners on notice to do something about it.

I contacted Quita Bride, a spokesperson for the City of Jackson, for an update.

She said 1747 Wood Glen, a grass and weeds case, is scheduled to go before the hearing judge on March 6, 2013.

As for 1796 and 1721 Wood Glen, they are board up cases and are being scheduled for hearing dates now.

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