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North MS coach accused of sex crimes involving students

(WMC-TV) – A north Mississippi community is in shock after the arrest of a coach and teacher accused of sex crimes involving students.

News travels fast among the few hundred people that live in Myrtle, Mississippi.

"Shocking, you know you don't see stuff like this happen," said former student Josh Turcott.

Residents were blown away by allegations against longtime math teacher and assistant baseball coach Adam Coleman at the Myrtle Attendance Center.

He's accused of engaging in sexual activity with two students and exchanging inappropriate text messages with another.

"We believe that one event possibly has occurred at the school," Edwards said.

"During school hours?" asked Michael Clark. "I think so," Edwards responded.

Edwards said the married father of two resigned after being formally charged on Thursday.

Coleman is charged with two counts of touching a child for lustful purposes during the 2010-2011 school year.

He's also charged with one count of child exploitation for alleged text messages in the spring of 2012 with a child who was 14.

Out in the community, I found Kandace Butler. She graduated in 2010.

"He was my favorite teacher actually," Butler said.

Butler doesn't believe the accusations against her former teacher are true. 

"Once in a while if I ever dressed up, he'd be like oh you're looking good today, and I was like haha because I never even tried," Butler said.

"Do you think that's appropriate for a teacher to say to a student?" Clark asked Butler.

"Well I mean it wasn't like perverted," Butler replied.

Parents who didn't want to go on camera, said it was heartbreaking. 

Other residents had no problem telling me that whispers had been going on in this small town for years.

"I heard he was kind of wishy washy," said Kenneth Mayo.

Former students say the school is like a family, and it's tough to see it cast in a shadow.

"I hate for that to be upon that school because it's a great school," Turcott said.

Coleman was still in jail on the tree charges as of late Thursday night. His total bond is set at $115,000.

A phone call to Coleman's attorney was not returned.

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