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What to check before your boat goes into the water

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RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

With 70-degree weather forecast for this weekend, it will be the first boating weekend of the season for many boat owners. But there are some things you should do, first before heading out on the water.

Many people have not touched their boats since last fall. If that is the case with your boat, there are many things you should check before you go putting that boat in the water and leaving the dock.   

"Check all of your fluid levels, make sure you have got a plug. I always carry an extra plug with me just in case," said Smith Marine owner Buddy Smith. "But check our your hose. Just back it into the landing, check it out before you just take off. You never know what can happen, over the wintertime, or from last year."

"Check your fuel gauge. You would be surprised at how many people are out of gas and when we check it out, it's just out of gas," added Smith. "Everybody has got to have a life jacket, one for every member, under 12 needs to have a life jacket on full time."

Whatever you do, run that boat for a little while before you leave the dock, to make sure everything is working right and it won't run hot on you.

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