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Where will the state house its money?

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The Department of Revenue, formerly known as the Tax Commission has been in temporary warehouses south of Clinton for some 15 years now, constantly being promised new quarters for it's thousands of employees.

Last year legislation passed in the senate, but died in the house to move the agency to the Landmark Building at Lamar and Capitol Streets downtown. The price of that building has gone down from over $14 million to $7 and a half million and the former governor thinks the state should jump at the chance to get it.

"If we miss out on this opportunity we will be further behind than we were when we started. It's very important for all of us in Mississippi, to have this opportunity taken advantage of by the state," said former Gov. William Winter.

Three of the richest businessmen in Mississippi, James Barksdale, John Palmer and Leland Speed have taken out an ad in The Clarion Ledger advocating the purchase of the Landmark Center for the Department of Revenue.

House Speaker Phillip Gunn wants the Department of Revenue moved to the Old World Com building in Clinton, which is the area he represents. He doesn't know the cost.

Another proposed location for the Department of Revenue is the old Diversified Technology Building in Ridgeland.

We talked with Senator David Blount, whose bill to move the Department to downtown passed the senate without opposition last year, but died in the house.

He says the issue is alive until March 28th.

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