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Hail damages 90 law enforcement vehicles

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Law enforcement cars from the Jackson Police Department and the Mississippi Highway Patrol suffered heavy damage from Monday's hailstorm. Hail actually went through the roof of one highway patrol vehicle, leaving a silver dollar size hole.  

There are at least 65 patrol vehicles so severely damaged that they cannot be used. Some can be fixed but auto shops were making up bids on them for spare parts.  

Jackson Police lost 25 cars, mostly in precinct three where back windows were knocked out of the newer dodge patrol cars. Precinct Commander Jesse Robinson said the loss of the cars will not cut down on police patrols.

"Right now we have available vehicles to serve our citizens, all of our beats are covered," said Commander Robinson. "We do not have any doubling up so right now we are in good shape."

Commissioner of Public Safety Albert Santa Cruz, who heads up the highway patrol and bureau of narcotics, says he will be going to the legislature immediately to try to get money for new cars.

 "I think they are going to know what we have got, said Cruz. "But when this is over with I am quite sure we will all get together and work something out, we always have."

"We are going to have do double up," said Mississippi Highway Patrol Chief Donnell Berry. "Some of the guys have sustained damage."

The preliminary estimate is that the highway patrol has lost at least 65 of it's patrol vehicles that will have to be replaced immediately.

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