Moak: Many vehicles will be sold as is - - Jackson, MS

Moak: Many vehicles will be sold as is

Hail damage at Paul Moak Honda Hail damage at Paul Moak Honda

In the market for a hail ravaged vehicle? Well, some folks were out looking for a deal Tuesday at Jackson car dealerships that got hit hard by Monday's destructive hail storm.

The sky turned black, then green; a warning sign of a hail storm.

Baseball-sized hail slammed the metro. The wind-driven ice chucks ravaged major car dealerships in Jackson. Customer cars, new high end luxury cars, all blasted.

Hail left holes in the back windshield of some vehicles. Windshields were found in back seats and cars look like someone took a hammer to them.

Shoppers were on the lot at Paul Moak Honda - Volvo Tuesday. More than 250 vehicles and customer cars were battered by the massive hail storm.

"Well, believe it or not, we have people showing up wants to buy them like they are," said dealership owner Paul Moak, Jr.

Moak says a team of insurance adjusters will come in to assess the total damage. Then the cars will be placed back on the market.

"There will be some people that are interested in getting a car for less and a few dents won't bother them," said Moak. "

Moak says his dealership is not ready to make deals just yet, but he does expect many vehicles to be sold as is.

Damage at two major dealership in the Jackson area is estimated to be in the millions.

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