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Walt's Look Around: Spring finally made it back

There have been subtle changes in the leaves for several weeks now. It started off as a small whisper of tree limbs fuzzing up and bulb flowers popping into bloom. And now those little day-by-day changes are adding up to real greens in the limbs and in pastures and in the woods and along roadsides.

There is an overlap of blooming going on right now, too. Winter flowers like the Camellia are greeting the blossoms that pop up to announce that no matter how gloomy and cold it has been, things are changing.

The red bud is the most consistent early barometer of the exiting of winter and the arrival of spring. And the dogwood, which always peppers the understory of the woods just before Easter, is rarely fooled by a freeze or frost.  

A southern perennial, the Azalea is putting on its springtime show right now, too. And although the Azalea is all over the south, they are native to Asia, like kudzu. But we've had both for so long we assume they are ours.

A southern yard wouldn't be the same without an Azalea. Pinks and reds and oranges put color into the last of the drab chilly rainy days of winter that just won't let go. But those types of days will dissolve in the warmth of spring, too, in no time.

Winter just seems like it will hang on forever, but it won't. It can't. When the sun crosses the equator on its way back north, change has to come.  

Its like seasons in life. Nothing lasts forever. It always makes a change. Even when it seems that whatever is going on will never end, it will. Just wait.  

And when the breeze is warm and the sun is out and the day smells like fresh linens and the memory of the cold and the gloom is melting out of our thawing brains, and the sweet olive and ligustrum share their fragrances with any and all who's sinuses are open enough to smell them, you realize that it was worth waiting out winter just to get this.

Especially since we had no choice but to wait out winter anyway.

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