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Sulphur Springs Park opponents take the issue to court

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CANTON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Residents opposed to the proposed Sulphur Springs Park in Madison county went to court earlier this week.

Joan Burns filed a pleading in Madison County Chancery Court questioning the validity of the Urban Renewal Bond approved by supervisors to pay for the park.

Burns says the $1.5 million dollar bond is intended for blighted property and doesn't apply to the rural area.

Judge Cynthia Brewer said the purpose of the hearing was to examine the bond process.

Madison county attorneys called State Bond attorney Spence Flatgard as their only witness.

He testified that the county followed the law in approving the bond.

Judge Brewer ruled that the bond was valid.

"It's a waste of tax payers money in the area that it is. We should be building grocery stores and service stations. If we want to build something because they think developments gonna come around this park, but you have to have something to draw, and I don't think the park is gonna do that. I think it's gonna be a bad thing for the community," said Burns.

"People are always scared of change, and this is gonna bring change to the area, positive change to the area. So I understand that they are kinda scared of what's coming but what's coming is the Madison County Board of Supervisors is going to build a park in the area, and it's going to be managed properly and professionally," said Madison County District Five Supervisor Paul Griffin.

Burns can appeal to the State Supreme Court.

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