Brawl prompts park fee at reservoir - - Jackson, MS

Brawl prompts park fee at reservoir

One man was beaten unconscious. One man was beaten unconscious.
RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We have obtained shocking video of a recent disturbance in a public park at the reservoir. The incident outraged many, even those who live outside the scenic area. Reaction was swift and sure, but the video has caused concern for many.

Two weeks ago, on a Saturday afternoon, more than 1200 people suddenly showed up in Old Trace Park at the reservoir in Ridgeland. Authorities say they gathered to finish a fight that began Friday night.

The video that was posted on Facebook by someone in that park March 16th.

"It was disturbing," said Reservoir General Manager John Sigman. "The crowd that was there was very large and they were not intent on using the park for purposes which it was built. They were there to have some kind of altercation to settle some kind of argument. The 1,000 to 1,200 people descended on the park in a matter of minutes. Obviously they used some sort of Twitter or Facebook to get here. They were all from the same area of town and were not here to enjoy the park for picnics or other items."

This mayhem went on until a swarm of Ridgeland police and Madison deputies quickly moved in. Nine people were arrested on a variety of charges. One man was beaten unconscious.

The violent episode was met with a strong reaction. And will continue to be. Plus starting in May, a three dollar entry fee will go into effect.

Area residents, park-goers and others outside the area, were outraged and demanded action. All are hoping the new fee will quell violent gatherings like this.

Reservoir officials say they are doing whatever it takes to keep the scenic park family- friendly and safe for everyone in the future.

The Mississippi Symphony Orchestra's Pepsi Pops event is exempt from the $3.00 entry fee. Boaters using ramps are not charged, neither is anyone who walks in the parks.

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