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Walt's Look Around: Wesson Easter decorations

WESSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Agnes and Larry Ratliff have been putting the Easter decorations in their yard near Wesson for years now. It started very innocently.

"Actually we started with the big one back there," said Larry Ratliff. "We made it when our first grandchild was born. We made it for her. And it just grew. They kept multiplying and multiplying. And it's getting out of hand."  

Well, it started off for just one grandchild. But over the years many children and grandchildren around the area have passed by the yard or even gotten out and come up and explored the bunches of bunnies that have popped up over the years. And the Ratliff's welcome all of the visitors.

Agnes and Larry Ratliff both remark,

"Oh yea. Oh we've got Easter baskets in there with candy in them ready to hand out," said Larry.

"Always give the little miniature baskets," added Agnes. 

Agnes is the designer and artist. She started drawing bunnies when she was just a child.

"My sister took me to school with her at one time and I was like three years old, got me a little tablet and colors and I was drawing bunnies and I've been drawing them ever since," said Agnes.  

And Larry says he's the workhorse who takes the decorations from storage and puts them out a few weeks before Easter every year, and then dutifully repairs them and puts them away afterwards.

And the chore keeps getting bigger and bigger because Agnes makes at least one new item every year.

"I try to add something to it ever year and my little yellow car was new for this year," said Agnes.

"We had to build a special house to put ‘em in, to store them in this year," added Larry.  

The Christian side of Easter is naturally included in the display with several depictions of the resurrected Jesus front and center in the yard. And although it is a lot of work to do this every year, the Ratliff's still get out of it what they have always gotten out of it.

"Fun. Fun. We love for the people to come, we love for the kids to come and we like it when they don't want to leave. We do," said both Larry and Agnes.

Most folks who take the time and energy to put decorations out for the rest of us to enjoy usually concentrate on Christmas. So here in the time of year when the world is just climbing out of winter, all of this color and humor is refreshing.

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