Is your food as healthy as you think? - - Jackson, MS

Is your food as healthy as you think?

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Dietician Rebecca Turner told WLBT that one ingredient hurting hearts worldwide is salt. According to the American Heart Association, American adults eat almost 3,600 milligrams of sodium daily; that's more than double the American Heart Association's recommended amount.

It's not just salt from the salt shaker that we need to watch out for, but lots of foods that appear healthy, like canned soup are loaded with salt.

Turner took us down an aisle at the grocery store, using a package of Ramen Noodles as an example.

"When you're looking at foods you want to look on the side that says percentage daily value and you're going to find the word that says sodium. This particular food has 33 percent per serving. You want to make sure you're getting items that say five percent or less when it comes to sodium-obviously when you see 33 percent you're going to want to put that back down," explained Turner.

The American Heart Association also reports that most pre-packaged meals and snacks for toddlers contain too much salt. Turner said fresh whole foods, rich in potassium can help reduce you and your child's sodium levels.

"That would be low fat dairy, pineapple, bananas, avocado and sweet potato," said Turner.

Keep in mind when shopping at the grocery store that foods without a label are always the most nutritious.

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