MS Medicaid on life support - - Jackson, MS

MS Medicaid on life support

Good Tuesday morning from MSNewsNow's Brandon Artiles!

We're starting the day at 57 degrees and while today will be pretty peaceful something's headed our way for Wednesday. Meteorologist Paul Williams will fill-in-the-blanks on all your weather questions in his First Alert Forecast.

Following another vote on Monday, the state's Medicaid program remains unfunded for the next fiscal year.  Jessica Bowman will join us with live reports from the Capitol to see what lawmakers are doing with a program that impacts hundred-of-thousands of Mississippians.

Plus, more results from "Operation Bunny Hop".  Find out what officers found hidden in a downtown Jackson nightclub over the Easter weekend.

And, Governor Phil Bryant withdraws his pick for State Board of Health.  While Terri Herring was facing scrutiny for her pro-life views, that's not why Bryant pulled the plug on her nomination. Find out why at the top of the hour.

All those stories and more are headed your way.

Please join us from 5 to 7 and for more Mississippi News Now, head on over to Fox 40 from 7 to 9.

Have a great Tuesday!

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