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Hail damage repair scammers

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Mississippi Insurance Commissioner Mike Chaney is concerned that victims of hail damaged property could be cheated by so- called ''storm chasers."    

Chaney says there could be as many as 70,000 claims from the March 18th hail storm, before it's all over.  

He says so called "storm chasers" are trying to convince victims that they can do repair work faster than local legitimate businesses that are almost overwhelmed by the volume of business.  

Chaney is very concerned about you becoming a victim.

"The scam artists come out of the woodwork, start telling folks that they can get them a better settlement," said Chaney. "Let me tell you, we catch somebody doing a scam, we are gonna try to put them in jail. We work with the A. G. He is the guy that goes and gets them and he will go get them."

Chaney wants people to make sure they are dealing with a legitimate business when they contract for repair  work, because of the hail storm.

"Deal with you local insurance company." said Chaney. "Use local people to repair your house, if you have roof damage, you want a local roofer. You don't want somebody from out of state who can't guarantee the work they do. You want somebody local you can go back to six months from now if you have a problem."


If you have any questions concerning your hail damage claim from the March 18 storm, you should call the Insurance Commissioner's office at 1-800-562-2957.

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