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Walt's Look Around: Mynelle Gardens

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The spring blossoms of the Southland are coming into their own right now at Mynelle Gardens on Clinton Blvd. Azaleas are in full gear and the hyacinth is beginning to wind down.

Mynelle Gardens has been here for a long time. Malone Kennedy is the Manager.

"Well it was Miss Mynelle's private garden," said manager Malone Kennedy. "The city acquired it in about '79, the city of Jackson bought it. It's been under city management since then."  

The city does the maintenance, but the fund raising arm for the garden, the Mynelle Gardens Botanical Society is in charge of the finer points, like the statuary and new collections. And a new collection being added this year is the Plants of the Bible.

Jo Nell Primos, daughter of the Mynelle of the Gardens, says the Bible plants are to be scattered throughout what is already here.

"Not wanting to change any aspect of the gardens but to just work it into a Biblical garden," said Primos.  

And what does that mean? Well, it means that you can get a look at real plants you've read about in the scriptures and remember from your Bible stories.

Zaccheus climbed a sycamore tree in the Gospels. There's one here. Even the hyacinth shows up in the Bible. And more exotic plants are either here or will be soon.

Like a Cedar of Lebanon that King Solomon framed his temple with. And the Acacia Tree. It has very durable wood, although some Mississippi insect seems to love its leaves, for right now, at least. And others.

"Well something that was a surprise to me, I didn't realize we could grow an olive tree that might even produce in Mississippi," said Kennedy. "And we found out that just north of here in Canton there's a lady that has a grove of olive trees."  

"It's an ongoing project," added Primos.

And that means what is there today will be growing and maturing. As more plants can be acquired they will be added in.

Mynelle Gardens has always been an oasis in the middle of the city, of quiet and peacefulness and nature. Add in plants from the Middle East that we've read about in the Bible and it will make the gardens just that much more of a special place.

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