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Walt's Look Around: Wesson Apple Lady

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WESSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It has evolved into a mostly red kitchen now, but as with everything that takes on a life of its own, it started pretty simple.

"I just bought a few red apples and I liked them, and as I went along in years I just collected a few," said Janice Fields of Wesson, the kitchen's owner. "My grandchildren would give me different stuff. My boss, my ex-boss man Mr. Mike Swaney, he bought me a few things."

The red kitchen started small enough with just an apple centerpiece for the table. Then an apple set of canisters and more apple stuff, and then red appliances and pretty soon the apple cart had been upset and a whole deluge of apple accoutrements came flooding in.

To the point that the folks down at the antique consignment store in the old Mississippi Mills office building in downtown Wesson call Janice the Apple Lady, because she's always in there searching for the latest Apple item that has come in so she can add that to her collection.

"Some of them I ordered out of a catalogue," said Fields. "And that hot dog toaster, I got it from a garage sale."

There is red everywhere in Janice's kitchen. So, what's the appeal of red stuff and apple stuff to her?

"Just, apples is so pretty. To me it is. Just apples," said Fields.

And therein lies the secret of happiness. If you haven't figured it out by now you will soon enough, that very seldom are you going to please anyone else. And if you do, most folks will NEVER let you know you've done so. So you might as well just start out pleasing yourself. So that way, SOME one will be happy.

Janice says the apples brighten up her kitchen a whole lot, and she likes to stand back and admire it.

A place in her home that pleases Janice Fields to the core. Who could ask for more?

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