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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods-Southside Terrace follow up

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The WLBT News team checked out a burned out unit of a south Jackson apartment complex at the end of March. A resident emailed 3 On Your Side about the eyesore that the Southside Terrace building had become. It's located on 2750 North Siwell Road.

On March 28 the building was dilapidated and in need of being repaired or removed from the land completely. Nearly two weeks after the initial visit, WLBT returned to the property for a Taking Back Our Neighborhoods follow-up report.

The new managers of the 64 unit Southside Terrace Apartment complex, Fickling Management Services, said the previous owners had gone into foreclosure March 12.

Fickling confirmed the eyesore would be gone in the beginning of April. It was burned just before Thanksgiving, when a fire almost destroyed the building, displacing several families. It stayed an unsightly mess for four months, prompting a concerned viewer to email 3 On Your Side.

Now, one week into April, there was a flurry of activity at the 33-year-old dwelling. Contractors have begun gutting the damaged building, filling dumpsters with the scorched debris.

Lawn and garden workers were busy trimming grass and there were flats and truck loads of fresh shrubbery and bales of pine straw waiting to be placed into flower beds. A City of Jackson vehicle pulled up 3 On Your Side cameras were rolling.

It turns out, the new apartment owners had been threatened with court action in a grass and weeds case. The city was also planning a demolition if nothing had been done about the fire damaged unit.

So, the residents of the apartment complex and the folks who live along and around Siwell Road are about to get their neighborhood back.

WLBT will keep you posted on the finished product. Let us help you take back your neighborhood. Just send an email to hballou@wlbt.com.

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