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Magnolia Clipping - Business Matters

RIDGELAND, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The media is referred to as watchdogs, and a company in the metro has been keeping an eye on the media for more than 80 years.  Magnolia Clipping and Broadcast Monitoring Service in Ridgeland provides and archives media for a variety of clients across the country.

Magnolia Clipping was started by the grandmother of Dred Porter, Sr., who currently runs the company. While Dred Sr. focuses on the newspaper side, brothers Dred Jr. and Joe, are responsible for keeping an eye on the television and Internet.

Dred Porter, Jr., shared details of the company's humble beginnings.

"Has been around for 86 years," Porter, Jr. said. "My great-grandmother started the company out of her kitchen."

The Porters and a team of a half-dozen employees keep track of the news, so their subscribers do not have to. They scour more than 600 newspapers and 4,000 television stations and networks.

"Anybody that needs to know when they're on the news," Porter, Jr. said. "What was on about them. Newspaper, television, video, radio."

For example if American Heart Association wanted to know how February's Go Red campaign went they call the Porters.  Magnolia Clipping would pull up every time Go Red was referenced in the news.

Based on that data the press team at AHA can determine if they are effectively getting their message across to the public.

Another purpose Magnolia Clipping fulfills is offering companies a scorecard on media coverage if their business is fighting negative publicity. One such high profile company that enlisted Magnolia Clippings resources is BP, who was monitoring public backlash following the Gulf oil spill in 2010.

"The company (BP) primarily responsible hired us to monitor any mention of when they were in any type of media, any form or fashion," Porter, Jr. said.

In addition to that side of business they archive material for many national networks, including ESPN and HGTV, and all local news stations, including WLBT & WDBD.

With all the hard work and the unique product they offer in Mississippi, business is not just about profits for the Porters, but pride.

"If I make a big sale or sign a big contract, I immediately run in there and tell my dad," Porter Jr. said with a grin. "Very rewarding to make your dad proud."

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