Defense attorney hopes ricin suspect could be free soon - - Jackson, MS

Defense attorney hopes ricin suspect could be free soon

Kevin Curtis Kevin Curtis

(WMC-TV) - The Mid-South man accused of sending ricin to President Barack Obama through the mail could be released from custody.

It will be at least one more day before we learn if Kevin Curtis will remain in jail on federal charges or if he will be released.

On Monday morning, Curtis' defense team argued that there is no evidence tying him to the crimes.

An FBI agent testified that there was no ricin found inside Curtis' Corinth Mississippi home or vehicle, but said investigators still believe Curtis is "their suspect".

Computer searches for keywords like 'ricin' turned up nothing on the machines seized from Curtis, but the FBI says it is still looking for a thumb drive or external drive that has not been recovered.

Investigators say the letters contained a phrase at the end that read "I am KC and I approved this message."

The FBI agent testified that authorities found similar wording on one of Curtis' social media sites.

If the judge feels there is probable cause to hold Curtis on the charge, bond could be set.

Curtis' defense team hopes Curtis will not have to return to jail.

"At this point evidence is lacking. It is not there. Anytime you have information over the Internet or over Facebook, you've got millions of people that could access that and that's what they have. There's just no evidence," said defense attorney Hal Neilson.

The FBI agent also testified that preliminary testing on the letters revealed it was 'crude ricin' but could still pose a health threat.

All three contaminated letters were mailed from Tupelo, where they were eventually sorted and postmarked from Memphis.

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