Inmate killed in prison riot identified - - Jackson, MS

Inmate killed in prison riot identified

Good Tuesday morning from MSNewsNow's Brandon Artiles!

The spring starts are back as our day gets rolling at 64 degrees. Meteorologist Michael Haynes is in for Paul and will have the latest on your weather in his First Alert Forecast.

Topping our news, the inmate who was killed in a prison riot was identified as Demond Flowers. We'll tell you what caused his death and what his mother is saying about it at the top of the hour.

Plus, barge traffic on the Mississippi is rolling down the rover once again, but with some reservation.

And the surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect is now being interrogated by federal investigators and the 19-year-old has revealed that the attacks he is accused of carrying out were inspired by his Islamic faith.

All those stories and much more are headed your way.

Please join us from 5 to 7 and for more Mississippi News Now, join us on Fox 40 from 7 to 9.




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