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Chateau La Pooch - Business Matters

Many businesses are all about pampering people, but one local enterprise has it's sights set on pets. A few minutes in Chateau la Pooch and it does not take long to notice it is not your average kennel.

After all the description on the signage says it all, "a classy hotel for your furry friend". 

"We definitely wanted to get away from the kennels and the runs that a lot of places that board do," Heather Boyd, manager at the Brandon location, said.

Chateau la Pooch spares nothing when it come to aesthetics. Instead of crates, dogs have their choice of lodging with stucco or brick facades, and some even come with hardwood floors.

Boyd said this affords their customers' pets all the comforts of home. 

"We have the babies that they don't want to be stuck in a crate all day," Boyd said.

Boyd said they have accommodations for dogs of all shapes and sizes at both their Madison and Brandon locations.

Bill Hutchinson opened the Madison location five years ago, and with business going so well they expanded to their Brandon digs on Old Fannin Road two-years-ago.

Hutchinson is active-duty military, so he leaves day-to-day operations in the hands of managers, such as Boyd.

In addition to the tenants who call Chateau la Pooch home, five days a week during the day, boarders stay while their masters are out of town.  As of late Chateau has teamed-up with a local rescue, Cheshire Abbey, to foster dogs until a forever home is found for them.

If you are interested in contacting them about any foster dogs call them at 601-992-2423.

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