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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods: South Drive Water Woes

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Imagine having to wear goulashes just to cut your grass or even get to your car in the driveway. That's what's happening to the resident of 4835 South Drive in northwest Jackson.

He called 3 On Your Side about a water leak that's been going on for years now and he said he's not getting any help from the city.

Malcolm May didn't have a stream running through his property when he purchased it and he said he'd rather it not be there now. A car hit the ditch in front of his house earlier this year and ruptured a water pipe. May says after 2-and-a-half months, city work crews fixed the leak.

"But in fixing the leak, they damaged; they dammed up or blocked the drainage, so it won't drain under my driveway. It drains through my yard now," said May.

So why is water still flowing down this ditch, even when the leak is fixed and there has been no rain?

The problem is a broken pipe in a ditch a few yards away from May's home and the city's responsible for it and it's been broken for 7 years now.

"Well, it's in the summertime with the mosquitos and then it's hard to cut the grass in certain spots because the water just sit there," said May.

May said he has contacted the Mayor's Action Line and the water and sewer department of the public works division.

"And then they'll take my information and they said, well, we'll report it and that's basically all I hear." said May.

May said the water does not get into his house but it does erode the soil.

"I live here in Jackson. I live here by choice," said May. "I wanna continue to live here and I just; I know that they can't come out the same day; I know there's a lot of leaks in town and, but I would just like to be put on the list in a timely manner, so my property won't keep eroding. That's all."

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